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от Lina
I ment that Paulina is my own name :D And Lina is some kind of a short name- some of my friends call me so :wink: Paulina from the film was really funny and you are right- that was the reason for her to be unhappy :wink:
I haven't met the love of my life yet and it's possible that I never meet him, but it's too early yet so and don't lose hope :wink:
the actors in my country are paid like these in yours :? but in Russia it is different- I supose that most of the actors earn very little money, but Bednaya Nastya was russian-american co-production, so the pays of the actors were hight :wink: I don't know how exactly- not millions maybe, but very hight payments for the russian standarts :) And most of them play in movies all the time after the film ended, so I guesse that they don't earn little :wink:

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от iris
Paulina is a very beautiful name and actually my best friend in school her name was lina so I love both names and once I read an inteview for Daniil and as I remember he siad that before he got famous he used to buy his wife ( his girfriend at that time) not expensive presents but now its different so I guess that he earn alot of money now but i think that the most earned people are the singers I dont know about russia but I know that in lebanon and its very close to my country singers are paid alot of money because theres a famous lebanease singer her name is Nancy Ajram she is maybe 23 years old and got famous in 2003 and now her fortune is about 20 millions dollars :o and about the love of my life maybe you are right we still young so we shouldnt lose faith because I'm 20 years old . and its the first time I know that bednaya nastya is russian - american production , do you know if it is successful there in america ?

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от Lina
actually the film hasn't been shown in the USA- I don't know why- according to me it would have got success there :cry: the american only gave the money about it and it was an american who wrothe the scenario-Lisa Seidman- she was the chief of a group of russian scenarists.The film have been broadcasted in the countries in East Europe- Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herezegovina, the Czech Republik and in China- there was a big success in these counties- ut in Spain and Columbia it was a failure :cry: I guesse they have just different understandings from us :) And I can't explain it to myself- why the actors in Lebanon are so good paid, but in your country aren't- it's very strange- the actors and the musicians in all of the Balcan peninsula are paid very bad- it's normal- our countries are very close and haven't got much differencies :?:
You are right about the love- I'm 18 :) we are only in the beginning of our lifes :wink:

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от iris
Lina:The film have been broadcasted in the countries in East Europe- Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herezegovina, the Czech Republik and in China- there was a big success in these counties- ut in Spain and Columbia it was a failure :cry: I guesse they have just different understandings from us :) And I can't explain it to myself- why the actors in Lebanon are so good paid, but in your country aren't- it's very strange- the actors and the musicians in all of the Balcan peninsula are paid very bad- it's normal- our countries are very close and haven't got much differencies :?:

maybe in spain and columbia they prefer the mexican series just like alot of people in my country , do you watch them ? I do but the problem is most of them have the same idea and the same characters with the very nice , good, beautiful typical main female character so Ruby is my favourite one because its different , and I dont know why singers in lebanon are good paid and in my country they are not maybe because alot of people listen to the lebanease and also egyption singers ! or maybe because of the media most of the channels we see are from lebanon or egypt so they focus on their singers and actors and once theres a new song every channel broadcast it again and again do these things happen in your country ? and most of the movies we see in my country are either american or egyption and the lebanease sometimes act with the egyption maybe thats why they are good paid .

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от Lina
on the whole here we watch latin-american soaps too- well, I don't like them very much- the script is really the same and the actors are not very good :? I haven't watched Ruby, but I will certainly do it if they broadcast it here :wink: We watch a lot of american films on the tv- maybe 90% of all films and series are american :? before 1989 the films, that shown here were russian (one can undeerstand why)I have never seen egyptian or lebanease film- are they interesting? it's good, that you can watch something that is made in a country close to yours :) the cinema in all of the coutries in my region...well, there's not cinema here since 1989 :cry: it would be good if I could watch some serbian or greek film- it would be at least some variety :) and the songs- they are american too :( or bulgarian, but there is diffrenr channels- for example in mtv, city tv etc. you can watch american songs, and in some other tvs only bulgarian music- everyone listen what he likes :) the singers here are good paidq but they are popular only in Bulgaria (and good paid only for our standarts)

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от iris
well I understand why , and about the egyption movies well they are good but the old ones are better than the new ones and the egyption cinema industry started in the 1920s so they have the experience and some of the ctors are reaaally good I know that you didnt watch Doctor Zhivago the movie its american movie but the actor who plays Doctoe zhivago is egyption his name is Omar Sherif but i dont like the new actors now most of the egyption movies are comedy so anyway the american movies are better and we watch alot of american serials beside the egyption , lebanease and syrian serials but they are short maximum 30 episodes but in general they are good better than the movies and sometimes better than the american serials ,and about the latin -american serials you are right about the actors I believe that the look is the only consideration for them but I watch them because they are interesting :P and can I ask you i know that we were very young what the people in your country think its better life before 1989 or after it ?

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от Lina
It's a difficult question :) I've ask my parents a lot of times, but they say, that it was bad than and it is bad now too :? Actually I think that people like more the time before :? now there's some anarchy in the country :( A lot of corruption, low paiments, the education system is just terrible, and there is a mafia wars- they shoot people on the streets, steals, ... :( and it's a very important question about me because after few months I'm going to vote for first time for a president :D Well, I think that the people prefer the time before 1989 because lately they vote for the socialists :roll: before there was (maybe- I can't be quite sure) some rules and order.And how my parents characterize the situation before and after- before there was money, but there wasn't what to buy with them, now there is everything in the shops, but there is no money in order to buy :) The situation is quite unsure, and that's why I don't want to live here :( and I'll try to applicate in some foreign university :? I don't want to leave my country but there's no chances of development here :cry: and what about you :) it's very iteresting for me because I know very few things about the countries out of Europe (and the news don't introduce these countries correct- when I watch tv I can say that out of Eurpoe and America there's only terrorists and wars :( ) and I see it's not true :)
PS the old bulgarian movies are better too :wink: and we watch american series as a whole- I'm not sure, that they are better than the others, but here's much money in the american film-industry and they use the latest possibilities of the technics :roll: They series are good, but the movies, they made lately- well, I don't like them a lot- Spiderman, Superman, X-man...I can't say I like such kinds of movies :? Just lately the scripts are all the same and sometimes I have that feeling, that I've watch it before, I can guesse their talks, actions... :( I just want to watch something extra-ordinary :)

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от iris
Actually the situation in my country is not much different than your country , because every year there are more taxes the prices get higher and higher and the salaries lower and lower and the whole situation is getting worse every year, :roll: but you can say that we dont have mafias here but the money is in the hands of few people so the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer so i guess we'll see the mafia soon :D , and about the political situations its quite here in jordan there are no wars or terrorists last year some bombings happened and some people were killed but its not very serious :lol: , and we dont vote here for president because we dont ahve one we have a king and I also want to live somewhere else even for a short period then Ill come back for a change and actually my brother is trying to go to australia and when he goes there I'll go with him and originaly I'm from palestine but i've never been there actually I'm not allowed to go there :twisted: and I carry the jordanian nationality and I live here since I was 5 years old , and you right about the new american movies they seem to care alot about the special effects more than the story recantly I've watched pirates of the carribean for johnny depp and i liked it very much :lol: , i was just wondering who are your favourite american actors and actresses?

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от Lina
I don't have some favorite actor, but Johny Depp is really good :) And pirates of the Caribbean is very funny :) I intended to watch it a few days ago, but I don't have much time lately :? And I watch a lot of horror films lately:) I don't know why- maybe this my mood now :lol: I've just watched The Ring- very good made, but I wasn't scared enought :lol: It would be very interesting :) like in England :D actually our president has so little rights to change anything in the country, that it's not a big deal for who you vote :? but it's very exciting anyway (like everything that is for forst time :) )Australia is a good choise :wink: I think it's very good to live there, but it's very far from here, so I've chosen Germany or Austria (and I'm not very good with the english- you have probbly notised :lol: I cope better with the german) :? I want very much to travel somewhere in the world- even for a short time too :) unfortnately my brother is too little- so I'm the elder and I have to take him with me :)
some bombings happened
it's the same here, but because of the mafia- anyway- if have nothing to do with such people it's not very dangerous :D why can't you come back to Palestine? You maybe want to see it?

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от iris
I watched the ring too and I liked it very much :D and I think that most of the horror movies these days are not so scary most of them is about killing and you really have to watch Pirates of the carribean its so funny :lol: better than the first movie Austria is also is a good choice I'd love to go there someday with sweden , switzerland and Denmark they are nice so peaceful countries and i dont think that the language is a problem- any language- because when you live in a country you can learn its language very easily and by the way I think that your english language is very good especially that the english language is not the first language for both of us , and I didnt know that but do you speak german? and in jordan we vote for tha parlamn members but its also not important they dont have big responsibilities , and yes I'd love to go to palestine but because of the war the situation there is very hard you cant live with :x it beside my grandparents left palestine in the big war 1948 so they lost their lands ,houses and all their fortune because the israelians took them , and my parents were allowed to go there when there was a truce but it didnt last for along time and the situation get worse . and I just want to know have you ever met someone from mafia ? how are these people?

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от Lina
you're right about the horror movies- I want to watch something scary, not nasty with a lot of blood and terrible murders :o The countries in North Europe are really very free- Holland too :) they are the best to live in :) And Switzerland is good too :) the language is not a problem- especially if you live there :D the foreign languages are my love :D I speak german- it's my favorite language- first I hated it- it sounds just awfull :lol: but now...I learn russian and french too, and english- but it was long ago :( what languages do you speak? :) and the people from the mafia don't look like these in the movies :D in Bulgaria they have some characteristics- most of them are extremely stupid and they have trained some kind of sport like boxing or wrestling :lol: so one can imagine how they look like :D and you can meet them in the discos (that's why it's sometimes dangerous to go to a disco :? ), the expensive hotels on the seaside...all of this belongs to them, and a great numbers of the bulgarian factories also... :( and it misses "the amilly" that is in the italian mafia :)

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от iris
Actually I dont speak many languages just two arabic and english , and I'd love to learn languages too but I postponed my plans after my graduation by the way I heard that the german language is very hard to learn :? , and about the mafia I saw alot of american movies about the italian mafia and you are right they care too much about the family and they look stupid and funny more than scary and I guess its a mark for all the mafias in the world :lol: , and theres something else about the horror movies I mean you spend two hours watching some man or a creature just hunting and killing people whithout showing the reason for this action :? ,just like the " Alien " movies why do the alien kill these people ? he doesnt eat them it appears like he is doing that just for fun ! I dont get it , :roll: and the hotels and factories owned by the mafia , also in my country I hear alot about the money laundry and theres another city its Dubai I dont know if you heard about it its in the emirates I've never been there but I hear that its a very beautiful city and some people say its more beautiful than New York and its the best place for shopping -of course if you have alot alot of money - but the whole city was built from money laundry and the mafias and all these things , its peaceful there are no mafia wars but they go to invest their money there . :shock:

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от Lina
the german is difficult in the beginning, but when you learn it from a long time you don't think about the rules - it's getting a habit :) I wanted very much to learn arabic, but I could'n find any student books :( but I will definitely do it when I find :D Your letters are very beatifull- they are like pictures :) You're right about the films with aliens :lol: sometimes it really don't have any sence :? I've heard about Dubai (I think there was the only hotel in the world with 6 stars- well, I'm not quite sure and I may be wrong )I'm very interested-what do you learn in the unverity? :)

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от iris
thank you for calling the arabic letters beautiful :D actually the arabic is very old language thats why the letters look that way and I think that the hardest thing about the the letters is that some of them have more than one shape according to its position in the word :roll: actually if your language is close to russian then you can learn arabic very easily because I dont see the russians have any difficulties in learning arabic , :lol: and yes The arab tower in dubai is the only hotel with 6 stars and its the highest hotel ever :P , and I study economics and banking in university , what about you what do you want to study in university and where ?

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от Lina
Wow, the arabian seems very difficult :) but if it's not difficult it's not interesting :lol: I intend to study law, but I'm not quite sure yet :( I feel that it's not what I really want to do :cry: but I don't know what exactly I want and that's the worst :? I'm going to apply in the university of Sofia and in some german universities, but I don't know where I'm going to go if my application is accepted everywhere :? I wanted to study history of arts too, but I don't know what can I do after that :( and I want to study painting ( when I was little I painted not bad, but now it's getting worse and worse, because I don't have time to practize :cry: )For now- it's law in Sofia and after the forst year there I may go in some country in Europe :) where do you learn and do you like the thing that you learn :)