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The houses in bednaya nastya

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от iris
I just want to ask about the big houses in bednaya nastya :!: , are there people living in these houses or do they belong to the governmen ? because they are really beautiful big palaces , I've never been in russia but I heard alot about these palaces , I know that they belonged to the noble before the revolution but who own them now ? and how much do they worth ( not because I want to buy one I dont have enough money :D ) but I just want to know . please! :roll:

Re: The houses in bednaya nastya

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от Lina
Hi :) As far as I know the houses belong to the governent now.And I doubt that thew have some value because they are national monuments now- for example the Korf's house in Petersbourg- it's a famous castle- one of the sights of the city.But you can visit them as a tourist :) but noone lives there now.Most of the noble men escaped in other countries after the revolution ( many of them came in my country :D ) and never came back :(
It's very interesting for me- which one episode of Bednaya Nastya are you watching in your country right now and have the movie success? I'll be very happy to talk with you about the movie and about Daniil too :)

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от iris
thnks Lina for the information :lol: ,I'd love to talk to you about bednaya nastya and daniil too :D , actually I watched it last year and I loved it very much , the sreies is over now but I'd love to watch it again , what about you ? which episode are you watching now?

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от Lina
unfortunately it's over here too :cry: a year ago :cry: but it still have a great numer of fans in Bulgaria and we hope that the television will broadcast it again :) it has really big success here- and this is the first film of this kind, that the russians make :) btw.- when you vote in ruskino you are voting for most popular actor in the russian cinema :wink: Daniil was fisrt during two or three years :D but now he is third :? if you want I can give you link from where you can download the episodes (but they are in russian).What do you think about the end of the film, about the soundtrack...it's very intereting for me to know the meanings about the film in your country :) ( because I know that in the countries in eastern Europe the film was very good accepted, but I don't know fast anything about it's broadcasting in other counries :cry: )Do you have some forum or site about the film in Yordan? I forgot to ask you- which one is your favorite episode and your favorite couple? :)

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от iris
You said that Daniil is the third now do you know who is the first ? And I've always been interested in the russian literature and that was one of the reasons why I started to watch Bedanaya Nastya , unfortunately I dont know alot of people who watched The series in my country maybe because they broadcasted on Dubai Tv and not alot of people here watch this Tv , but the ones who watched it really loved it incuding my mother , :D and I liked the ending and about my favourite episode I guess its the one when Vladimir confessed to himself that he loves Anna because untill that moment I wasnt that sure , and about my favourite couple of course I loved Vladimir and Anna but I also liked Alexander and Maria , what about you ?
I dont know if there are sites about it in jordan but I'll check it up , and by the way when you mentioned the soundtrack did you mean the music at the begining? and I just want to ask you do you speak russian ?and about the noble russians you said they came to Bulgaria are they rich ? and do they still have thier titles? :?

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от Lina
first about the literature :) I really love the russian literature too :D especially Dostoevski, Lermontov, Pushkin :D it's maybe the most complicated and phylosofic literature in the world :) about the nobleman, that came in Bulgaria- they losed their tittles and they were poor :( there was a revolution in Bulgaria too- but in 1944- there was a communism here until 1989, and the russian noblemen, that came here had to hide from the police :( I don't speak russian, but I can uderstand it :) I began to study it, but it was very soon, so I don't know very much, but it's really easy because my native language is very close to the russian :) and you- do you speak russian? It's very beauifull language :) especially for poetry.My favorite couple is Anna- Vladimir too :D Alexander and Maria are very cute too the episode with the confession is really good - one of my favorites :) But I like most of all the first one- it was very beatiful- with the duel of Misha and Vladimir, the first scene of Vladimir and Anna- it was full of passion :) after this episode I decide not to miss a single second from the film :D The soundtrack- I meaned the sons, that Anna sing in the balls, the song in the beginning and this one in the last episode :) it's my favorite :D :) But the film has two beginnings- we in Bulgaria have wathed the first- with a red velvet and in Russia (they have broadcasted it 4 times here :D ) there is one with the actors- I don't know wether you understood me :? my english is not very good :? Daniil is now third in ruskino and second is Grigorij Antipenko- he plays in one serias, that is broadcasted in the moment in Russia and there for is popular :( and first is Andrej Krasko- he is a very popular russian actor, but as far as I know he have died not a long ago :cry: The end was the most beautiful end of a soap I've ever seen :) it was very good idea to show us the destiny of the characters until the song was played :) but I like more the idea of Daniil about the end- he wanted, that his character go to a war in Kavkaz and Anna to stay to wait for him :cry: It would be very good end and they could make a second part :D maybe you noticed the sign in the final- "End of the first part"- that gave us a hope that there will be a second part, but now I doubt :cry:

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от iris
About the literature I love Tolstoy and war and peace is my favourite novel ever especially the character Prince Andrey Bolkonsky , what about you whats your favourite nove? I dont speak russian but I'd love to learn it someday . :D
About the russian nobles I feel sorry for them because once you had it all then suddenly you have nothing :cry: , unforunately I didnt watch the first episode the first one I saw was the one when Anna went to the dance with Baron Korf and she danced with Misha and Vladimir danced with olga , thats why I'm waiting for them to broadcat it again so I can watch it from the begining , the begining I saw was the one with red velvet but I liked the song Anna sang at the ball and the ending song although I didnt understand anything of them :twisted: but I liked the music and Elena really has a beautiful voice :lol: , and I absolutely agree with you it would be better if Vladimir went to the war especially if they want to make a second part , and I just want to ask you did you watch anything else for daniil except bednaya nastya ?

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от Lina
you haven't missed a lot from the film- that's the second episode
:wink: the text of the songs is very beatiful- I will search for them in english- I'm sure, they were translated :wink: the text of the song, that Anna sings in the second ball is of Jukovski -it's my favorite :) I've watched a lot of from the films of Daniil- "Peregon" ("Tranzit"), "Zvezdochet" ("The counter of stars"), "Deti Arbata"("The children of Arbat"), "Torgashi" ("Tradesmen") and now I'm downloading "Severnoe sianiye" :) he's really good actor :D every other role is different :) And what about you?
I haven't read "War and peace", but I really want to :D I like very much Dostoevski, but his books are very complicared, so I couldn't say I've understood them :) but I hope I am going to learn more about their phylosophy in the university :) I like Lermontov too- "The hero of our time" :D In the beginning of Bednaya Nastya they said to Daniil, that his character is like Pechorin, but after it he discovered, that Vladimir is very different :) And most of all I love the russian poetry :D it sounds magnific :D especialy on russian :)
about the destiny of the russian nobles- it's realy very sad :cry: I'm not quite sure, but I think there's a book exactly about such a noble men, that escapes in Bulgaria after the revolution and dies here without seeing his country again- as far as I remember it was called "The silent Don" (you maybe know- the Don is a big river in Russia- there lived the kazaks- they were the imperors horsemen, that defended the country in the battles- most of them were nobles)I think that this book belongs to the russian classic=Sorry- I turned a lot aside from the topic :?

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от iris
I like Dostoevski too but I agree with you his writings are very complicated , I read the idiot and brothers kramazov but i liked the idiot more I tried to read The adoltesence but i couldnt finish it :roll: , but i didnt read the hero of our time but i'll try to look for it ,I heard alot about the russian poetry but I've never read anything of it :cry: , and about the russian nobles I'll also try to find that book The silent Don and I'm the one who should be sorry because I asked too much about the russian nobles , and I'm afraid that bednaya nastya is the only thing I've watched for Daniil , and about the russian nobles again Doctor Zhivago is one of my favourite movies I dont know if you watched it but I recommend you to .and I also want to ask you lina have you ever been in russia?

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от Lina
The silent Don is of Mihail Sholohov :wink: I haven't been in Russia, but my father was when he was a child :) and I want very much to go- especially in Petersbourg :D I'll search for some of my favorite poems in english :wink: From Dostoevski I've read Crime and penalty and one other book- my english is too bad to translate the title :? :( I,ve read the book Doctor Zhivago- I liked it a lot, but I haven't watched the movie :(

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от iris
I'll search for the book the silent don in my university's library because I really want to read it :D and back to bednaya nastya yesterday I was thinking that one of the things I liked about it is that most of the actors were very beautiful men and women especially Anna and Natasha :P , what do you think, who was the most beautiful actress in it? :?: i've never been in russia too but i'd love to go there but I know some russian people who live in my country who they dont really recommend me to go there because of the economic situation in russia , I dont know about that . :?

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от Lina
the actors were really very beatifull :) Anna and Nataly were the most pritty :wink: :D and from the men -Daniil of course :D Anton Makarskiy (Andrey) was handsome too, but his character was just terrible :?
your friends are right- the situation in the countries from the ex-east block (including my own :? ) is very bad if you live there :( but if you are a tourist it looks very different :wink:

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от iris
You are right about Andrey he is cute but I didnt like his character either ,and I think that prince Alexander is cute too I checked bednaya nastya website and I downloaded the first scene between Anna and Vladimir I liked it :oops: , and I also saw some pictures for daniil and his wife she looks nice and he seems so in love with her I think thats beautiful to find someone who's in love with you that much and the situation in my country is also not that good if you want to live in it everything is very expensive acoording to the national income , and by the way I also saw some pictures for paulina I guess her real name is Anna groshkova I hated her in bednaya nastya but she looks beautiful especially in normal clothes with her hair down :twisted:

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от Lina
iris:the situation in my country is also not that good if you want to live in it everything is very expensive acoording to the national income
it sounds so famiiar :? it's the same here
Daniil loves his wife very much :) he talks about her with such love, that it's clear how much he is in love with her :) she is an actress too.I t is suh a luck to find the man of your life- I think he did it (in his case the woman :D )-it's very rare to meet a strong and happy marriage among the famous actors
I liked Paulina- she was very stupid, but not so bad :D She was very unhappy and too jealousy about other people success, but on the whole not so evil :) maybe I liked her just because I'm Paulina too :D And Anna Gorshkova is very beatifull (you are right about the hair :D )- she is a model and not a professional actress, but after her play in Bednaya Nastya she became a lot of other roles :)

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от iris
maybe You are right about Paulina but she was so unhappy just because she was jealous from Anna but I think she was funny :lol: ,I dont know why did you call yourself paulina ?! but If I can call myself as one in bednaya nastya maybe I would be liza :( , and I dont know about you but I havent found the love of my life yet and sometimes i think that I will never meet him :cry: because I know alot of people who didnt so yes Daniil and his wife are lucky and i just want to ask you a question about actors in Russia , how much are they paid ? If we took Daniil as an example how much money does he earn for a series or a movie ? because the actors in my country are paid almost nothing but in The countries beside my country like lebanon and egypt they earn alot of money especially in egypt they earn millions . :D