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Новое сообщениеот roxana » Ср 16 ноя 2005, 00:22

Jessica wrote:
Please help DANIIL,help help help!!!

Don't forget voting!Thanks

Be sure Jessica that we all vote for Danya :D .I've just saw who is on the first place...and I can't believe it :? :roll: ...do you know who is he?Is he very faimous in Rusia or what??!I'm sure really soon Danya will be number 1 again like he deserve to be :!: :)...now the difference first place-second place is only of 10 votes!!!!
Последний раз редактировалось roxana Ср 16 ноя 2005, 00:55, всего редактировалось 1 раз.
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Новое сообщениеот Гость » Ср 16 ноя 2005, 00:31

that ugly monkey doesn't deserve to be the first :twisted: vote vor danya girls :twisted:

Новое сообщениеот diana » Ср 16 ноя 2005, 01:41

of course we will vote and vote and vote until the first prize goes to its owner! and who else he might be but our dearest Danya!!! he must be No 1 and we will make him take his desearved place! so go girls vote!

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Сб 19 ноя 2005, 12:10

Oh,danill will be carry up with!


Новое сообщениеот Гость » Чт 01 дек 2005, 07:16

now new month begins,everything back to start!!!!!!!

everyone don't forget to vote!!!!!you can vote for our dearest Daniil
one voting by one day!

thanks for your help!

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Пт 02 дек 2005, 08:00

how can I vote?

Новое сообщениеот diana » Пт 02 дек 2005, 17:37

everyone don't think it twice vote for our daniil because he is on the second place right now and we want him to be the first, right? so don't wait vote, vote, vote !!!!

regarding your qustion "how to vote?" please read the downlily's explanation written on the first page of this topic!!!

kisses to you all!!!

Новое сообщениеот diana » Вс 04 дек 2005, 01:33

still nr 2 for daniil :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: oh come on girls don't tell me you forgot about him already!!!!! :? :? :? i know that you love him so let's show him our love and gratitude by telling to the world that he is just our number one!!! kisses to you all!!!!

Новое сообщениеот jessica » Вс 04 дек 2005, 17:43

:cry: :cry: :cry:
I think the situation is Daniil can't catch up with the speed of growth of voting for the boy of the first location.

And I don't know if the voting can be accounted by all year or only a month one by one?

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Вт 06 дек 2005, 07:15

after reading the guide

I have voted for one just now!

thanks for your remembering

Новое сообщениеот jessica » Ср 07 дек 2005, 01:17

now Daniil get first but the advtange is only little.

thanks for you all and don't gorget to vote go on.

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Пт 09 дек 2005, 03:22

you are very warm

now Daniil get first 8) 8) 8)

Новое сообщениеот kdsicnya » Пн 12 дек 2005, 15:20

I think Daniil will get the finnal goal


Новое сообщениеот Гость » Вт 13 дек 2005, 17:08

One day can only vote for once? :?: :?: :?:

Новое сообщениеот katia » Ср 14 дек 2005, 00:03

One day can only vote for once?

Yes, but with one vote per day, Danya is "still the number one"! Please, vote for him every day. I will :D


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