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Romania fans

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Romania fans

Новое сообщениеот ioana » Пн 13 мар 2006, 19:58

Hi dear Danya,
Here in Romania you are verry apreciated person. We have one site where we can speak about you. We are much girls who like you. Hope someday you will look at this page and maybe you will respond us.
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Новое сообщениеот roxana » Пн 13 мар 2006, 22:23

Here is the address of our Bednaya Nastya forum:

http://www.antena1.ro/new/_ph/viewforum ... 45d914ba93

And here is the address of the topic dedicated only to Daniil:


I'm sure you'll like very much this topic, unfortunately it's in romanian language, but there are many, many pages of beautiful pictures (we'd like to thank to all russian, chinese and greek girls who made those wonderful photos).
Be sure you'll find all of us who post here and more fans of Daniil.
Of course you may leave your own messages. Enjoy :D
Последний раз редактировалось roxana Вт 14 мар 2006, 13:19, всего редактировалось 1 раз.
You'll never get to Heaven if you're scared of getting high
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Новое сообщениеот anya » Вт 14 мар 2006, 12:22

And here is the topic for guets! Find Danya!
Please, come! :D

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