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New postPosted: Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:51
by silvia
thank you for your answer!
Please explain how can i upload a file to megaupload!I selected the file but i don't see the button "send" ;where is it?Some things are not visible in my page, they have an "x" on them. Thanks a lot!

to sulikoo

New postPosted: Tue 17 Jan 2006, 02:14
by mariuska
Hey girl!How are you? I need you again...I can´t see the video "Korf unforgiven" because it is lacking one part. I have tried seeit, but I need that part. Sorry! I hope do not disturb..... A lot of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New postPosted: Fri 27 Jan 2006, 08:25
by dreamerdj
hi, girls, new videoclip launch!!!

The BN series replay on China TV channel now after the first play finished half year, it maybe owns a little to Russia culture year in China this year, anyway we can collect all Ep this time, so maybe more videoclip will be made in future.

New postPosted: Sat 28 Jan 2006, 15:25
by dreamerdj

New postPosted: Wed 15 Feb 2006, 17:30
by dreamerdj
Bednaya Nastya screensaver

there are two files in qmbdb.rar, qmbdb.exe and qmbdb.scr. you can watch the screensaver by running qmbdb.exe.
if you wanna set Bednaya Nastya to be your computer's screen saver, moving qmbdb.scr to c:/WINNT(windows 2000) ,or c:/windows/system32 (windows xp)


just right click qmbdb.scr and choose install in the pop-menu.

New postPosted: Sat 25 Mar 2006, 15:35
by roxana
Hi everybody,

Dear Dreamerdj or someone of you girls, please tell me the name of the russian song from the video ''Brokenhearted love'' made by Applel 2002 or at least who play this's a very beautiful melody and I'd like to find it!!! Thanks for your answer.