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VIDEO made by Chinese fans

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Новое сообщениеот diana » Сб 12 ноя 2005, 13:10

ufffff!!! it seems that this is it and that i won't be able to see the video after all!!!! :( well thank you very much anyway because you've donne even the imposible to help me. i realy realy apreciate it!!!
a lot of kisses for u and all the other girls and we'll wait for new videos to come!!! bye-bye and we'll keep in touch!

Новое сообщениеот marchshine » Сб 12 ноя 2005, 18:03

I have divide the video "a_taste_of_honey.wmv" to three parts.So it is easy to upload them to http://rapidshare.de/.you must download all the three parts, put them in a same directory and decompression them.


http://rapidshare.de/files/7525273/a_ta ... 1.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7526697/a_ta ... 2.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7528175/a_ta ... 3.rar.html
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Новое сообщениеот diana » Вс 13 ноя 2005, 02:52

dear marchshine i don't realy know if your last message is for me or not but if it is thank u for trying to help.the truth is that i already have the video a taste of honney :) what is that i can't get is the video called without you so if you can do anything about it i would realy apreciated :) thanks!!!

Новое сообщениеот marchshine » Пн 14 ноя 2005, 10:59

oh! dear diana,I forget to tell you!of course it is for you.now i upload" without you.rmvb".I will continue uploading other videos to http://rapidshare.de/ for you and other BN's fans.
I am sorry to divide the file to so many parts.but it's impossible for me to upload big files to http://rapidshare.de/.

without you.rmvb

http://rapidshare.de/files/7603764/with ... 1.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7606425/with ... 2.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7606978/with ... 3.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7607949/with ... 4.rar.html

http://rapidshare.de/files/7609293/with ... 5.rar.html
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Новое сообщениеот roxana » Пн 14 ноя 2005, 11:45

Thanks a lot Marchshine for being so kind :wink: !!!!
I know Diana,because she's from Romania too and we all appreciate you for doing all this with the videos.Kiss u :) .Bye.
You'll never get to Heaven if you're scared of getting high
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Новое сообщениеот diana » Вт 15 ноя 2005, 10:42

my dear marchshine i could finaly see the video without you :D :D :D :D i can't believe it especialy because i have tried over and over to see it without any results!!!! so thank you thank you thank you!!!!i was wandering if you could do the same for VAhistory and for the 2 videos special for anastasia? kisses to you all cause you are just great!!!

Новое сообщениеот marchshine » Вт 15 ноя 2005, 12:34

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Новое сообщениеот dreamerdj » Вт 15 ноя 2005, 14:07

marchshine, you are really so great!
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Новое сообщениеот mariuska » Вт 15 ноя 2005, 16:27

Hey girls!!!How are you? It is fantastic download the videos with rapidshare, because it is faster than mofile. Ohhh, thanks for all!!!A lot of kisses!!!
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Новое сообщениеот diana » Вт 15 ноя 2005, 17:29

ok ok i'll try not to say so many thanks but i can't promise you anything :wink: you know when i get happy i just have to let the person that made me so know that he/she has all my gratitude!
kisses to you all and keep up the wanderful work you're doing!!!

Новое сообщениеот diana » Пт 18 ноя 2005, 15:51

my dear don't feel sorry for us waiting for the videos but be happy because we can see them!!!! i said i won't tell you thanks again but i will tell you just that : you're great :D !!!!

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Сб 19 ноя 2005, 12:07

thanks for you all


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