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от Гость
how can I download it?

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от roxana
It's easy :wink: :

-click on the links that I posted here
-click ''free''(it's written on the down of the page)
-wait a few seconds(also it's written on the down of the new page)
-enter the code that is given to you
-click'' start download''
-click ''save'' or ''open''

I hope you understand how I explained :wink:

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от Гость
thanks for your guide

now I can download everything~~~

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от silvia

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от silvia
please , extract those with winace , there are problems when extracting with winrar. :) :)

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от mariuska
hello sylvia!!!I can´t extract them. And I don´t known the mode for to do it. Sorry, my english......Can you help me, please???Thank you!!!!!! And a lot of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!

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от silvia
Hello, Mariuska!
fist please check that all your archives have 40M except the last one that is smaller(aprox 39M) and the first(the one without .z0x) looks diferent then the others.
then use winace to extract the fist
if you don't have it you can download it from :
http://www.softpedia.com/get/Compressio ... nAce.shtml
if you still have problems with extracting it, please contact me through
messenger, my id is gheorghiu_silvia_05@yahoo.com

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от roxana
Hi girls!

This is a new video with Vladi and Anna, made by Silvia, I hope you'll like it.
Enjoy :D

http://rapidshare.de/files/13498659/Mar ... se.rm.html

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от roxana
A ''kiss'' for all of you :wink: ...the video is made by Cornelia.


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от roxana


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от mariuska
The video is brilliant!!!!!! I downloaded the first and I like very much...with the song "Tal vez" from Ricky Martin....Oh, it´s fantastic. Thank you Silvia and Roxana, you are wonderful!!!A lot kisses from Spain!!! :)

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от roxana
We're glad you like the video, Mariuska.

Another two videos made by Silvia, the first one is only with Daniil :D . Enjoy!


http://rapidshare.de/files/14008566/Lio ... se.rm.html

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от roxana
A link for a new video made by Silvia.

http://rapidshare.de/files/14692423/Ana ... e.wmv.html

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от katarina

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от katarina