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I'm new here and I want to say hello to everibody :) .
Poisy, you made us a great surprise with your latest news :D :D .We are watching now ''Bednaya Nastya'' in Romania and it's a wonderful film.
I'm so happy that AMEDIA finnaly decided to offer us BN2...
And it's great that Daniil wants to be again Vladimir Korf,because without him the film wouldn't be the same.
Do you know what made him change his decision about not playing in BN2?
And please tell us more detailes about BN2...
Many kisses from Romania :wink: .
от roxana
Пн 03 окт 2005, 16:05
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: "Poor Nastya" / "Bednaya Nastya"
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Hello everyone ! :)
I'm Roxxy ,now I could log in...
I want to tell Claude that I couldn't download the videos from seryalnastya because of the same problem :trafic limit...maybe if we do like Poisy told us in her last message we can get something.
The videoclips made by chinese fans I could download from here in the last minute ,thanks to Dreamerdj and Marchshine who were so kind and offered to help me ...they posted here the codes again.
It's a pity that now the codes are expired.These videos can't be sent by e-mail ,because are too large :( .
Let's hope that soon here will be some more videoclips ,as beautiful as these are...
Many kisses from Romania :wink: .
от roxana
Сб 01 окт 2005, 12:45
Форум: Творчество поклонников / Fan Art
Тема: VIDEO made by Chinese fans
Ответы: 230
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