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Hi everyone
Know somebody if Danya will play in BN 2?? And how much episode will have this?
I wait answer!
от ioana
Пт 07 апр 2006, 11:16
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: "Poor Nastya" / "Bednaya Nastya"
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This is a good news about him. and good for us ofcourse.
I think all the fans like this idea. But it s not nice this think,I know. Maybe fe don t like this words.
Hope he understand this and he will forget us.
от ioana
Вс 02 апр 2006, 13:56
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: Conversations about Daniil
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I vote every day. Hope Danya will be the first. I see now he is the 3. So all must vote every day to put him for the 1 position.
Ioana from Romania.
Hope Danya will be soon good. I heared he is a little sick.
от ioana
Вс 02 апр 2006, 13:49
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: Voting for Daniil
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Romania fans

Hi dear Danya,
Here in Romania you are verry apreciated person. We have one site where we can speak about you. We are much girls who like you. Hope someday you will look at this page and maybe you will respond us.
от ioana
Пн 13 мар 2006, 19:58
Форум: Мультилингво / Multiple language forums
Тема: Romania fans
Ответы: 2
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I want to wish you Danya Happy Day and all you want to be reality. I'm sorry because I write you a little late but today I was registred in this forum. But never it's to late.

Lot's of kisses from Romania.
от ioana
Пт 10 мар 2006, 14:54
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: Happy Birthday, Danya!
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