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As I know, there are so many BN fans in China. I am from Suzhou, Jiangsu. Where are you from? :roll:
от samantha_xu
Вт 21 мар 2006, 16:18
Форум: Мультилингво / Multiple language forums
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Hi, everyone,
I'm from China. I'd like to say something about the situation of Russian-studying here. Many many years ago Russian was the first foreign language in China which means every school then taught Russian rather than English. But most of people here in China are not bilingual. Now there are still schools teach Russian as first foreign language (most of them are in Heilongjiang Province which was a territory near the east part of Russian). As for college education, the best Russian Department in China is in the University of Heilongjiang. I study English in my secondary school. And then German as my second foreign language. Now I am studying Russian just for fun(guess for whom :wink: ). However, except English, the most popular foreign languages in the part of China(that's east China near Shanghai) I live are Japanese and Korean.
That's about the foreign language-studying situation here in my hometown. Wish could help! Thank you for reading.
от samantha_xu
Сб 18 фев 2006, 13:19
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Hi, everyone,
I'm from China and last year in CCTV8 we saw Бедная Настя(in Chinese of course). Lots of people love this TV searials and Daniil here. And we hope we could see his works in the future. Thank you for reading this message and I think with the most populated country's support Daniil will definitely become a huge star!!
от samantha_xu
Сб 18 фев 2006, 13:03
Форум: Daniil STRAKHOV
Тема: Voting for Daniil
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