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I'm from the capital in Czech Republic (Prague).
My motivation to registrate in this forum was another contact with Russian language. Although I am 27 yrs old I didn't have Russian at school. I studied English, German, Latin and Spanish... and right now I started with Russian. Both Spanish and Russian I study just on my own - mainly by listening to original music and video. This is the best way how to get used to new language spontaneously as much as possible.
I'm glad I've found a reason to start learning Russian. Of course, it's plenty of TV series of Amedia = real quality :lol:

Something about me - I finished Msc degree at University [my specialization was plant genetics, biology]. After that I changed place and I've been studying for PhD in toxicology. I'am already an assistant at our school.

I had lots of hobbies but there's not enough time for them [music, singing, hand working, reading, painting, decoupage...]. I'm married and without children yet.
от Dzana
Пт 27 окт 2006, 18:29
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