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Theatrical Wednesday of
Vernik Brothers



Theatrical Wednesday of Vernik Brothers

"Kultura" Radio Station
June 10, 2009


-  Good evening! My name is Vadim Vernik. Unfortunately, my brother Igor is not in the studio today. He is on stage of the Moscow Arts Theater tonight, playing the role of Goneril in Tadashi Suzuki’s “King Lear”. He is with us in his thoughts and we are with him.

 I am instead of him.

-  Yes, you are. And It’s a pity that Igor is not here because in the studio tonight is our big friend Daniil Strakhov, a popular film and stage actor. It’s a dry introduction but nevertheless…

I now want to be very formal with you. Hello, Vadim

-  Let’s begin. As I have said, Daniil is Igor’s and my mutual friend. We recently met at his place and talked until 4 o’clock in the morning.

You’re revealing a big secret, Vadim…

-  We met a week ago and we recalled that we had known each other for about ten years.

What will people think?! (laughing)

-  It’s all right, your beautiful wife Masha was there. A wonderful actress Masha Leonova.

Your brother was not there, unfortunately.

-  He was not there but nevertheless, we had known each other for ten years.

It seems to me that we know each other even longer. 

-  Maybe even longer. And since some of our listeners are refined theatergoers, I think most of them remember Gogol Theater play “Petersburg”, based on Andrei Bely’s novel. Daniil received the “Moscow Debuts” award for the leading role in that play.

I don’t think of it as a great success. “Moscow Debuts” Award was a great advance to me, presented by the Festival’s grand jury headed by Sergei


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